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Custom Design Goes Beyond The Closet


Designer Spotlight: Andrea Lively

Custom Design Goes Beyond the Closet

Design Consultant Spotlight - Brittney

When designing a custom closet for her clients, Brittney, a Senior Design Consultant for Artisan Custom Closets, takes a lot more into consideration than just the closet space. From the d├ęcor of the entire house to the client's daily routine to counting every pair of shoes, Brittney gathers a lot of details to get the job done exactly right.

You have to consider the whole house.

According to Brittney, a closet design should work with the home's decor. "Sometimes people will pick a style that doesn't go with the rest of the house", says Brittney. But she wants to make sure they're happy in the long run, especially if they end up selling their home. So, Brittney takes notice of details throughout the home, like the finish on the doors and drawer handles, and advises her clients on ways to find the perfect complimentary style. Her clients really appreciate her helping them to see the big picture as well as the details.

We do it all right here.

Another thing that Brittney's clients appreciate is the fact that all of the work on their custom spaces is done just minutes from their home in one Marietta facility. Brittney loves to show her clients the manufacturing area where closets are designed, cut and assembled, all by local employees. Her clients are impressed when they see their own closet coming to life and by the fact that the company owner's door is always open.

Putting it all away.

Along with their first look at a finished custom closet, Brittney's clients love putting everything back. They can't believe that it all fits. Of course, that's a big part of what Brittney prepares for. She measures all of their items, counts their shoes and plans for future additions. "I enjoy seeing the dynamic between couples when they both realize how much stuff they have and tease each other about whether it should all go back into the closet. Sometimes the husband has more shoes than the wife, which can be really funny."

Challenging spaces solved.

Sometimes there are unusual challenges, like under the stair closets, spaces filled with electrical components, or areas over garages. That only makes things more interesting for Brittney. "We have a great team of engineers to help me figure things out", she says. "Besides, I love a challenge. When I was young I used to empty this one junk drawer in my aunt's house just put it all back."

If you've got a space challenge in your home, turn to the expert design consultants at Artisan Custom Closets to solve it quickly and professionally.


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