3 Fresh Mudroom Organization Ideas for Muddy Shoes

3 Fresh Mudroom Organization Ideas for Muddy Shoes


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One of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep clean is the mudroom. It receives more foot traffic than any room in the home, and that's why it's essential to keep it clean and organized. Here are some mudroom organization tips that will make that a little bit easier:

  • Choose mats for the doorway that are made to collect and trap both water and mud. This will help keep your mudroom clean, and it will make it easier to clean the mats off when they get dirty.
  • Build a boot and slipper station for you and your guests to place their muddy footwear upon. The boot station should have raised edges so that it will collect the moisture and mud without allowing it to drain all over the floor.
  • Add some shelves with drop-down doors. This will allow you to file your muddy footwear away so that they don't pile up by the door and impede traffic in the process. Further, it will help tidy up the room and make your entryway more inviting.
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