3 Great Ways To Organize Kids' Rooms

3 Great Ways To Organize Kids' Rooms


3 More Ways To Organize A Child Room

"Take a look at these steps to organizing your child's room." Organizing any room in your home can be quite the chore. But when it comes to organizing your children's rooms, the chore can become a mission, and the activity can often elicit a battle cry. While the kids are back in school, it's a really great time to focus upon streamlining and organization. In fact, with cold weather approaching, keeping those fall and winter clothes neat and tidy makes for a more efficient and simple way to keep your kids on track. Here are three simple ways to keep your children's rooms neat and tidy. Taming clutter will help your kids focus more, and keep you sane in the process:

  • Bring the child into the process

Don't attack the mess alone; bring along a little help. Look at the organization process as a learning activity, and put the focus on the child.

  • Sort, store, and simplify

This is pretty straight-forward. Sort out all of your child's clothing. Store season appropriate items where they need to be stored. Finally, simplify the room by removing any clothing they no longer wear or can't wait. You can donate the items or sell them. This will help keep the space neat and tidy.

  • Take a child's view
Get down to your child's eye level to help him or her get organized. Look at your child's space, storage, furniture and possessions from his or her vantage point. The view may surprise you!

Adults ideas on storage may not always apply to a child or their room. This will help solve any issue you may have. photo credit: organized homes


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