3 Points to Consider Before Your Artisan Design Consultation

3 Points to Consider Before Your Artisan Design Consultation


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3 Points to Consider Before Your Artisan Design Consultation
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

When you're ready to revamp your existing storage space and turn your closets into the ideal wardrobe storage area, our design team can work closely with you to create a custom-built closet that meets your needs and accommodates your routines in the most convenient way possible.

Before your consultation with one of our expert space planners, there are a few points you should consider so we can find out what you want out of a tailor-made closet. One of the first things to determine is whether or not your closet is strictly your own. If you don't share a closet, the design and arrangement of your closet's storage solutions need only meet your personal tastes and needs. Men have different needs than women when it comes to how their clothing is stored and what type of space and storage options would best match their wardrobe, too. If you would like to include seating in your custom closet, this is something you should let your design consultant know early on in the process. When you sit down with us to go over your ideas and plans for your custom closet, we will be evaluating the space we have to work with. Any permanent or semi-permanent additions you plan to include in your closet, like a dressing table, divan, or other seating, will also need to be taken into account. Another consideration during your consultation will be whether or not you'll need storage space for small items like folded undergarments, gloves, scarves, or even jewelry. Small items can be accommodated in cubbies, drawers, or on shelves, depending on how you'd like your closet to look and function. Ready for your custom-built closet consultation? Contact our team today to find out more about how we can provide you with ideal storage solutions.


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