4 Great Features Every Custom Home Office Needs

4 Great Features Every Custom Home Office Needs


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It can be tough to keep an office organized. From papers to staplers, the following are four tips for home office organization in Atlanta we recommend that can help you keep the office neat and tidy:

  • Manage the wires: If you don't these li'l snakes will quickly turn your office into a jungle. By mounting wire management trays beneath your counters and desks, you'll keep the wires up and out of the way.
  • Install custom storage drawers. Use these to place items such as printers, CD towers, spare paper, etc. It's also a good idea to install these trays on rollers so that you can access the trays easily and slide them away when they're not needed.
  • Build wall cabinets with closed doors. These will help give your office a neat and tidy appearance. Within your cabinets, be sure to designate space for reference books, files, and office supplies. For items, you want to display, such as leather-bound books, small statues, etc., install glass windows. This will allow you to see your favorite possessions while also helping to keep dust off of them.
  • Customized credenza. Everyone needs a desk tailored to their needs. Whether you want a small one that you can sit down at for quick work sessions or a large one you can spread out on, create a credenza that's customized for your specific work style.
  • Tailored lighting. Whether you work in the morning, or burn the midnight oil, be sure you have layered lights attached to dimmer switches placed above the desk, near the cabinets, and above any workstations/counters within the office.

Need some help with your home office organization in Atlanta? We invite you to contact Artisan Custom Closets and we'll create the perfect storage solutions to keep your office organized.


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