5 Ways to Install Your Custom Storage System

5 Ways to Install Your Custom Storage System


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Source: Artisan Custom Closets

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing custom storage systems to tidy up your closet. Here are five options you will want to consider as you tackle the project:

  • Wall Hung Systems - These wall mounted vertical panels are easy to vacuum and don't affect flooring. They are easy to install and provide lots of space for your shirts, shoes, and pants to be hung up.
  • Combination Wall and Floor Mounting - This is a good option that offers more drawer space and a little more stability than wall hung units alone. Because these rest on the floor as well, there may be the need to remove baseboards during installation.
  • Floor Mounted Systems - These fully adjustable systems provide ample storage space and make it easy to customize and change your storage arrangement over time.
  • Floor Mounted System with Toe Kicks - These appear as built-in pieces of furniture and give your closets a truly classy look and feel. They are available with a wide variety of decorative trims. Further, as they are fully adjustable you'll never have trouble rearranging them and altering them to meet your changing needs.
  • Floor Based System with Backing - These are essentially an upgraded, fully adjustable floor mounted system that looks truly magnificent. Because their construction is more extensive, they tend to cost more but also tend to bring greater value to the home in the long-run as you can easily match them to existing design schemes and colors. When completed, they'll look as if they were built into the home from day 1.
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