5 Ways to Maximize Pantry Space

5 Ways to Maximize Pantry Space


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Here in Atlanta we love to treat our families to Southern cooking. And no matter how much space we have in the kitchen, sometimes it seems like it is never enough. But here at the artisan closets in Atlanta, we know that even the most space-challenged home has ample room to store all you need for your summer feasts. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your pantry.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Closet Space

  1. Doors aren't just for keeping things looking tidy. Add hooks to your cabinet doors and have a new place to store the easily misplaced items like can openers or tongs and have the bonus of what's behind the doors be instantly more organized.
  2. Look up and down. If your pantries are based on vertical space, by adding under-shelf baskets below the shelves, you can feel like you've instantly doubled your pantry's capacity.
  3. Cake stands and other bulky dishware doesn't get used as much. Use it to add an additional tier of storage space for smaller items like ramekins.
  4. Don't forget to store the storage. When the cooking's good, we love the leftovers. But if you leave what you keep the leftovers in for an afterthought, you're inviting a jumbled mess of tupperware and plastic wrap. Keep it in a dedicated place, stacked neatly. You'll save time and money.
  5. Keep it clear. By choosing clear containers that match, you'll pantry will be easy to organize and navigate.
Having plenty of space to store all of your stuff makes it easy to keep your home tidy and can make you realize that you have much more space than you thought. Whether you're looking for more space in the kitchen, living areas, bathroom or bedrooms, Atlanta's Artisan Custom Closets can help. Get in touch to find out more.


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