7 Tips For a Cleaner Laundry Room

7 Tips For a Cleaner Laundry Room


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Your laundry room should naturally be one of the cleaner rooms in your home, but it is actually one of the most difficult to keep clean! Here are seven tips for a cleaner laundry room that you can put into use today.

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  1. Do not overuse the cleaning elements. Suds actually begin to smell if the residue is allowed to build up.
  2. Artisan closets in Atlanta need some air. After you use your laundry, let the air circulate to get rid of the extra smells and let the washer air out.
  3. Find those lost socks. The socks that go missing are actually blocking air and water flow in your laundry room, so check your washer drains for blockages that may be caused by those little pests. Lint can also be a similar problem, so check for it in your dryer drain as well.
  4. Lint in the trap is a problem. Do you remember the lesson that your mom tried to tell you about the dryer lint? It is actually a bigger deal than you thought. A dirty lint trap can sap energy from your laundry room as well as create a fire hazard. The more energy that your machines use, the more that you risk overheating and other types of damage.
  5. The dryer's outside exhaust is also important. Keeping the outside exhaust on your dryer clear can shorten your drying time, lengthening the life of your machines and decreasing the energy that you use.
  6. Do not overfill your washer or dryer. Loads that are too full create wrinkles in your clothes, use too much energy and create other problems in the laundry room.
  7. Run a washer cycle to clean the washer every month. Get rid of the residue with a simple water cycle. Keeping your laundry room clean helps you in many other ways. Follow the tips above to ensure that your Atlanta closet stays clean and fresh. If you are looking to upgrade your laundry area, contact Artisan Custom Closets to see how we can better organize and utilize your space!


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