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A Passion for Organization

Design Consultant Spotlight - Brandi

After a couple of early career journeys, Brandi, a Senior Design Consultant for Artisan Custom Closets, was prompted by a friend to explore designing closets. "That's not a job", said Brandi, who often organized spaces just for fun. As it turned out, it was a job, and to this day Brandi feels like she doesn't really work because she enjoys it so much.

Like a puzzle.

"Every day is different", says Brandi, because every client and every space is different. "It's like a puzzle", she says, "to take a space and figure out how to maximize it and organize it". Brandi feels that helping someone start their morning with an organized closet can help them be more prepared and confident for the rest of the day.

People make it fun.

Brandi also loves the variety of clients she comes in contact with. She likes getting to know them and hearing about their unique challenges. As a dog lover, she also really enjoys meeting their furry companions. From first-time custom closet clients to long-time clients who've just bought a new house with "those ugly wire racks", she says that "every day is different", which is just the way she likes it.

Expertise makes the difference.

When asked what it is that makes a custom closet different from a DIY system, Brandi doesn't hesitate. "It's the expertise. Our design consultants get to know exactly what people need for their space. I ask a lot of questions, measure every inch of the space, design the solution and even do a 3-D model to show them what they'll be getting. Then our installers, who are all regular employees with years of experience, can usually put it together in less than a day." Brandi often gets calls from people who've tried to install a system themselves but ended up in frustration. "It's not rocket science", she says, "but there is a trick to doing it right. Otherwise you could end up hurting yourself or someone in your family."

Customized makes a big difference.

Brandi likes coming up with personalized solutions. She recently helped a woman who enjoyed cooking, but now loves it so much more after having a custom pantry installed that includes a prep area, spice rack and appliance rack, all personalized for how she cooks. Brandi created a master closet to optimize a surgeon's morning routine, including drawers for different colored scrubs. It gave the busy woman less chaos in the morning and more time for getting her kids ready. "People don't realize how big a difference it makes. You can almost double the hanging space and still have room for drawers and shelves with a custom closet".

A life-changing experience.

What Brandi loves most is follow-up calls with clients. She says she can just feel the relief and happiness coming off of people when she checks back with them after installation. "They never believe it could be this great and then they're like, 'Oh my gosh, this is amazing'." What she can't believe is that she gets to do this for a living. "It is a real job and I love it", she says, "I wouldn't change it for the world."

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