Add a Wall Safe to Your Custom Closet to Protect Valuables

Add a Wall Safe to Your Custom Closet to Protect Valuables


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Add a Wall Safe to Your Custom Closet to Protect Valuables

It's one thing to work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor; it's quite another to keep them safe. From jewelry to financial documents, these are possessions and valuables that you want to keep around and enjoy, but you also want to make sure that prying eyes and sticky fingers can't get ahold of them.

That's why installing a wall safe is simply a sound investment decision to consider within your custom closets in Metro Atlanta. Here are some tips that you will want to employ when putting a wall safe in:

  1. Avoid putting it in the obvious places, and make it difficult to get to. Place it behind furniture like a bookshelf or even beneath a false drawer. The idea is to make the furniture fit naturally in the closet so that no one suspects it has a hidden purpose.
  2. If you don't want the safe to be in your bedroom, put it in the kid's closet. Thieves won't often enter children's bedrooms because the perception is that adults will want to keep their valuables safely hidden in their own rooms.
  3. Hide your safe within an electrical outlet box. This "hidden in plain sight" option is an effective way to keep thieves at bay. It's easy to access, and the electrical box is one of the last places a thief will look for diamonds, gold, and valuables to pilfer.
Are your ready to install a little extra security into your custom closets in Metro Atlanta? The staff at Artisan Custom Closets is ready to help you install a safe and give you the peace of mind that will help you sleep easier at night. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wall safes and the ways we can help you hide your valuables from sight.


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