Add Chandelier Lighting for a Closet that Sparkles

Add Chandelier Lighting for a Closet that Sparkles


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Add Chandelier Lighting for a Closet that Sparkles
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

The right closet lighting needs to be able to provide adequate light for you to see the contents of your closet and complete the overall closet's design.

At Artisan Custom Closets, one of our specialties lies in helping you choose the right custom closet accessories for your needs. Adding chandelier lighting to your closet highlights the quality features of your design. To achieve this to the full extent, it is important that you choose a chandelier of the right type and size for the space. Choosing the right size involves measuring your closet. You need the length and width of the room. Add the measurements together; whatever the answer is in feet is the suggested diameter of your chandelier in inches. For example, a 14-foot-by-16-foot room would require a chandelier with a 30-inch diameter. Bear in mind that you might need to increase the diameter if you have extremely high ceilings. Once you have an idea of the size you require, you need to consider the style. You don't want your closet lighting to produce overly harsh or bright light. Unless you have a modern, sleek finish to your closet, avoid metal, spotlight-style chandeliers as the effect will be very clinical. For more complementing traditional wood finishes, try a chandelier with glass shades or glass hangings. These will reflect light from polished surfaces and add a sparkle to the room. When hanging your chandelier, remember that you need to be able to walk safely underneath it without hitting your head. What type of lighting do you prefer in your custom closet? Visit the Artisan Custom Closets on Facebook and share your thoughts, or contact us for more information on the perfect custom closet accessories for your Atlanta home.


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