Are You Ready for a Laundry Room Remodeling Revamp?

Are You Ready for a Laundry Room Remodeling Revamp?


How to Decorate Your Artisan Custom Closet Doors

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Is your laundry room looking a bit boring or outdated? Here are some fun and unique ways to revamp it, making it both functional and attractive once again.

  • Sometimes, all your room needs is a fresh coat of paint. Try painting everything (your furniture and shelves included) a stark white. It will open up the room and make it feel fresher.
  • New countertops can add functionality to your laundry room. Choose a heat-resistant counter material, and you can do your ironing right on the counter. That means no more cluttering ironing boards.
  • Racks that fold up against the wall when not in use will come in handy for drying. They save a lot of space, too.
  • Mount some tall shelves above your washer and dryer to make use of this otherwise empty space. You can stash items like detergent, baskets, and cleaning supplies up there instead of letting them clutter up the room.
  • Consider building some closet-style rods into the laundry room. They will provide a place for you to hang clothes, not only while they're drying, but also before and after you press them.
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