Arrange the Clothes in Your Closet for a More Unified Look

Arrange the Clothes in Your Closet for a More Unified Look


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Arrange the Clothes in Your Closet for a More Unified Look
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Perhaps you open your closet door and discover your clothes in such disarray that you simply want to shut the door and walk away. If this is the case, it is time to do something about it! Artisan Custom Closets can help you with custom closet organization in the Atlanta metro area and the Florida Panhandle.

Make note of the following ways to arrange your closet. These tips can make a positive difference in your closet. The first way to arrange your clothes is by color. Start with sorting you clothes by use, for instance, separate them by dresses, pants blouses, etc. Work from left to right, and start with the colors of the rainbow, beginning with red. Since cream, black, grey, brown, and white are all popular colors in most wardrobes, make sure to work those colors in as well. Another way to arrange your clothes is by type. Begin by removing everything from your closet. Sort your clothing into categories, such as long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, short-sleeve shirts, pants, and so forth. Decide how you would like your categories hung in your closet. Place the type of shirt that you wear most frequently where it is most easily accessible. Yet another way to sort your clothes is via outfits or clusters, which is a group of five to eight pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched. Look through your closet to see what might work as groups of clusters and make an inventory list. The main thing is to look at color and think about what you need to make the clothes into a cluster. Start building your cluster with basic clothing, and select garments that pair well together. If you have questions or would like more information regarding custom closet organization in Atlanta or the Florida Panhandle, please contact us.


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