Artisan Custom Closets Introduces Garage COA

Artisan Custom Closets Introduces Garage COA


What Is The Artisan Advantage?

Garage COA is a new UV coating presented by Artisan Custom Closets to aid in your home improvement needs.

Making home improvements is more than just aesthetically improving the inside of well-traveled areas, it's also about altering areas not immediately thought about-- such as your garage floor. More and more people are opting to create a neater, cleaner, and smoother surface for their cars and other items stored in their garage. Artisan Custom Closets has developed a brand new coating system to not only improve the look of your garage floors, but to make them easier to clean and more durable. Our new coating, Garage COA, is a color sealed and fleck application that is UV coated. It offers all the durability and protection of UV protection with a beautiful glossy look as well. You can even apply Garage COA, and be back in your garage on the same day! UV coatings help protect the underlying material from the harmful effects of radiation--and it also produces an outstanding finish. For more information on Garage COA--and finally building a garage you can be proud of-- get in touch with Lisa at Artisan Custom Closets to schedule a consultation.


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