BHG Offers Stylish Labels for Laundry Room Organization

BHG Offers Stylish Labels for Laundry Room Organization


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custom labeled laundry baskets in a closet
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Once you've gotten your custom laundry room storage all set up, it's time to put away things like detergent, stain remover, clothes pins, hampers and other laundry-related accoutrements. If you're organizing items in bins, baskets or other pretty containers, there's nothing like labels to make the space appear even more organized. Labels are practical without a doubt, but for those of you who love for things to be functional and pretty, Better Homes and Gardens offers free printable labels online that are as cute as can be. Just visit the magazine's website to download them. As Better Homes and Gardens explains:

"The key to organization is finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Labels help achieve that goal. Keep small items tidy in attractive containers."

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