Brighten Up Your Home Office With the Best Lighting

Brighten Up Your Home Office With the Best Lighting


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Your home office should be a place where you feel at-ease, but also productive. The right lighting can help you achieve the perfect balance. Use these home office lighting design ideas to illuminate your space in style:

  • A floor lamp tucked into the corner behind your desk will ensure your actual workspace is well-lit, even when not as much sun is shining through the windows.
  • If you store your items on shelves, under-shelf lighting can make it a lot easier to see them and sort through them. Many under-shelf lighting systems turn on with a simple touch.
  • When it comes time to choose overhead lighting, the bigger the better. You want the light to stream into all corners of the office. A large, dome-shaped pendulum light or a stunning chandelier is a good choice.
  • Who says you cannot have a fireplace in your office? Gas fireplaces add illumination, while also creating a cozy ambiance that will make you feel inspired and creative.
  • Consider hanging a pair of matching pendant lamps over your desk.
Draw inspiration from these home office lighting design ideas. We encourage you to contact us at Artisan Custom Closets today for more information regarding our services.


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