Bring Style into Your Small Laundry Room

Bring Style into Your Small Laundry Room


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laundry room design ideas
Source: Architecture Art Designs

Don't let your laundry room become unsightly and unorganized just because it is small. These design ideas will allow you to make the most of your space, turning that laundry room into one classy, organized cubby.

  • Have a shelf built that emerges from the wall and sits on top of your washer and dryer. This gives you space to fold clothes or temporarily stack your laundry.
  • A built-in hanging rod on one wall makes keeping your laundry room organized much simpler. You can hang clothes on hangers immediately when they come out of the dryer, reducing wrinkling.
  • Have some cabinets built into the wall, and work a stacked washer-and-dryer set into the setup. Drop-down shelves and organizer trays inside the cabinets make it easy to stay neat.
  • A single floor-to-ceiling cabinet, placed next to a stacked washer and dryer, is the perfect place for stowing laundry detergent and the like.
  • Mount some shelves above your laundry room sink to make the most of your wall space. Everything will be within easy reach.
If these small laundry room design ideas have piqued your interest, contact Artisan Custom Closets to schedule a consultation and discuss your design options.


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