Built-In Storage Solutions to Display Your Collectibles

Built-In Storage Solutions to Display Your Collectibles


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Built-In Storage Solutions to Display Your Collectibles
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Collectibles are things of beauty that enhance your home. Whether they are stamped by Tiffany or simply family heirlooms passed down for generations, you should have a place to display them with pride.

By installing some built-in shelving in Sandestin, you can create a place where your antiques, valuables, and collectibles can be easily admired. First, you have to decide what you plan to display. Mundane objects, such as shells from a past trip to the beach or your child's bronze shoes, should be set within a stage-type setting. They should be grouped with similar items so they create a cohesive mosaic of your life. Conversely, objects with inherent beauty or financial value should be set apart so that their appearance is not detracted by other objects. These are items you want to draw attention to, so it's a wise idea to build custom places for them to be displayed. Items such as papers and valuables that you want to protect should be displayed behind glass. This gives them a little more protection and helps keep the dust off of them. If you are planning to incorporate glass into your design, you'll want to create balance within your shelving; you'll want to have equal-size glass storage on either side. Finally, be sure to illuminate your built-in shelving in Sandestin. Track lighting, undershelf lighting, and other options can create layers of light that draw attention to the beautiful objects on the shelf. We invite you to contact Artisan Custom Closets for more information about our services that include designing and building built-in shelving in Sandestin. We will be happy to help you select everything from the wood to the design that is ideal for your home's decor, whether it's in Metro Atlanta or the Florida Panhandle.


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