Can you work with small or awkward spaces with custom closets?

Can you work with small or awkward spaces with custom closets?


What Types of Materials Do You Use for a Custom Closet?

Every house has corners or oddly curved walls where space is going to waste. Some homeowners even shake their heads despairingly at ceilings that slope down diagonally, leaving behind a triangular space impractical for regular closets and bookcases.

Can you work with small or awkward spaces with custom closets?

The good news is that the awkward spaces in your home can be transformed into a ton of fresh storage space - you just need the right custom closet.

How Can Custom Closets Help?

Custom closets are designed according to specific specifications. This means that a custom closet company can design anything for you, even for that awkward space between couch and wall you have struggled with for years.

Where Do I Start? Why Is a Consultant a Good Idea?

For great results, you need an expert on your side! The best place to start is to talk to a custom closet consultant who can listen to your ideas and challenges. They can then view your home to find the best areas where custom closets can maximize the space wasted by small or awkward spaces.

A consultant can draw on years of experience to suggest the most beautiful and functional custom closet systems that will fit within your budget.

  • The Best Storage Ideas for Awkward Spaces: You might be surprised that plenty of awkward closet space ideas can transform these areas into stunning, functional closets. Here are a few popular tips to consider for your own home.
  • Install A Corner Closet: Corners are bursting with unused space. Installing a closet or shelves in a corner can provide you with much room for clothing, books, plants, or anything else that needs their place.
  • Create a Mini Mudroom: Jackets and shoes tend to pile up near the front door. This creates a messy look, especially when this area lacks hooks or storage to organize things. A narrow space or otherwise "unusable" area can be transformed into a small mudroom with the right design. This allows you to use the space, and your home looks neater! It's a win-win.
  • Add Floating Shelves: Floating shelves have several benefits. They look minimalist and stylish, and they are also efficient, providing extra shelf space. But perhaps their best quality is that they can adapt to awkward spaces. They can be cut to fit into small or otherwise unusually shaped spaces to better utilize the space.
  • Turn Small Spaces Into an Accessory Closet: Accessories include jewelry, shoes, ties, socks, handbags, wallets, and other smaller items. Their size offers a perfect opportunity to utilize awkward spaces in your home. A good designer can turn a nook or narrow strip of unused wall into a stunning accessory closet. The best design will include drawers with boxes to organize and access your accessories conveniently. Adding shelves in a small space might be a better option if you have a collection of oversized handbags. In this way, you can display your bags and quickly pick one on the go.
  • Using Small Spaces in the Kitchen: A well-organized kitchen is a delight. But sometimes, it seems like there isn't enough space for everything. But look closely! Kitchens have a lot of small and overlooked spaces you can use in your favor. You can transform these small spaces by adding custom closets as tiny pantries, cutlery drawers, and other storage areas.
  • Add a Broom or Clean Closet: Any cleaning equipment that is long, narrow, or small can be squirreled away in a compact custom closet. An experienced consultant and designer can quickly find several spots around the home and garage to add custom brooms and cleaning closets, ensuring these items are out of sight but ready when needed.

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