Closet Accessories: Organize Shoes, Jewelry, Belts and More

Closet Accessories: Organize Shoes, Jewelry, Belts and More


4 Helpful Closet Organizing Tips

Of course, drawers, shelves and hanging rods are often closet must-have items, but, like a good outfit, a good closet needs accessories to really be complete. Do you have an extensive shoe collection you'd like to keep tidy and in plain sight? Is your jewelry box bursting at the seams trying to contain your rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets? Do you love accessorizing with pretty scarves and belts? Or do you find yourself needing to quickly touch-up shirts in the morning to smooth out any wrinkles? With your habits and collections in mind, we can help make a closet truly customized for you and your needs by adding closet accessories including jewelry drawers, shoe fences, tilt-out hampers, scarf racks, tie racks, belt racks, even a shelf-mount ironing board!

Artisan Custom Closets in Dallas, GA offers an array of exciting closet accessories to choose from. Visit our website to check out our closet accessory options and start getting ideas for your own dream closet!


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