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5 Closet Storage Ideas You Should Follow

3 Ways Custom Closets Increase Storage Space and Organization

If the organization is a problem, the cause is most likely to be insufficient storage space and/or inefficient configuration. Decluttering only goes so far for most people. After all, wardrobes, shoe and accessory collections, and other items tend to increase in numbers over time, not decrease. Here are three areas in which custom closet solutions can increase your storage and improve your organization.

1. Multiplies Clothing Storage Options

Hanging Rods — Upper and lower clothes hanging bars can increase your storage space by 50-100%, depending on your choice of design. Closet drawers or cabinets can be added for items that should not be kept on hangers.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves — Most people, especially those who find that their storage space is insufficient,  have more clothing than they can fit on hanging rods and in the typical chest of drawers. A good solution is stacking. Shelves allow for much greater volumes of tee shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc. to fit ideally into a well-designed storage space.

Closet Drawers — For storing socks, gloves, belts, ties, scarves, jewelry and other small items, custom closets often include trays, hooks, small drawers, and cabinets with accessory racks. And, of course, larger drawers are used for some non-hanging clothes.

Closet Cabinets — There are many closet cabinet designs used for adding storage while saving space in small rooms. Closet cabinets provide the greater efficiency of using the maximum cubic inches of available space while creating a sleek, streamlined interior appearance that can make small areas seem larger and that feels soothing to be in.

2. Systematizes Storage of Shoes & Accessories

Shoe Racks — Shoe racks create space for all shoes, eliminating the sense of cramped shoe storage that looks messy and can damage shoes. Pairs never become separated, leaving you wasting time and energy unnecessarily searching for a buried shoe. The proper design makes space for casual and dress shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, and winter boots. With shoe racks, you can gain space and keep shoes off the floor.

Belt Hooks — Hanging belts on hooks keep them straight and out of the way. Without a dedicated little belt storage space, belts are often found in disarray all over the closet and fallen on the floor. Belt hooks provide a system that lets you see all of your belts in one place at the same time, so you can choose the one you actually want, even when you're in a rush.

Jewelry Organizers — Segmented jewelry storages are designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Instead of throwing jewelry items into an undefined box or two, piled with tangles of chains, bracelets, rings, and earrings, jewelry can be displayed on handy accessory racks on top of a closet center island. Or, jewelry items can have their own dedicated drawer, with convenient little-designated spaces for dropping in items of like types.

3. Creates Big Bonus Storage Space

Closet Island — A center closet island can provide additional drawer space for clothes and accessories. The island top is perfect for jewelry displays, folded stacks of clothes, staging for outfits while getting dressed, and much more. There are countless configurations for closet island designs to fit available space.

Optimization — Maximized use of all existing space between drawers and cabinets, no wasted space, no design configuration errors that leave unusable spaces in nooks and crannies, along walls, high space against ceilings, low spaces along floors, vertical space along corners, behind doors, on door backs, on cabinet door insides.


In a well-designed closet, everything truly has its own place. You have quick access to every item, without messing up the closet searching for your things. A custom closet provides you with a relaxing environment that is pleasant to enter, instead of a cluttered space that you dread approaching every day.

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