Closet Organization Ideas for Your Clothing Accessories

Closet Organization Ideas for Your Clothing Accessories


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If your Emerald Coast home is overrun with clothes and accessories, it can be tempting to either throw out loads of stuff or move into something bigger. However, there are better alternatives to filling your closets with shoes, ties and scarves.

Save drawer space by investing in a sliding rail complete with hooks, that can be attached to the inside wall of your closet. Hanging all of your belts on a belt rack will not only save a lot of space in your custom closets in the Florida Panhandle, but also make finding the right belt for every occasion a lot easier. You can use a similar solution to hang your ties, or opt for an exquisite tie drawer or specially designed tie shelves. Scarves, unlike socks, don't need to be hidden away and can actually be used as room decorations. Source a wall-mounted rail, either plain or decorative, to display your beautiful scarves. If you prefer to put them away the addition of a sliding panel between two adjoining parts of your closet will allow you to hang them straight and keep them out of sight. Adding cubby holes or drawer dividers is the perfect solution for storing accessories and jewelry. It is a great way to keep pairs of earrings or cufflinks together and even to separate everyday jewelry from the accessories you keep for special occasions. Your custom closets in the Florida Panhandle can be made as unique as you need them to be. Whether it is shoes or swimwear that is causing you problems, there is an Artisan Custom Closet solution, perfect for your needs so contact us today.


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