Closet Organization Tips for Fall and Winter Apparel

Closet Organization Tips for Fall and Winter Apparel


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Artisan Custom Closets
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It's time to bring out your autumn and winter clothing, and we have some excellent closet organization tips for your seasonal apparel in your custom closet:

  • Your boots deserve a specially designed space; Martha Stewart suggests creating boot hangers from cedar boot trees. They'll keep their shape by replacing the knob on the fragrant cedar trees with a large cup hook.
  • Sweaters need to be folded so they also keep their shape. Stack them in dividers or cubbies with cedar balls to protect your cashmere and wool sweaters from moths.
  • If you have lots of scarves, mount a basic towel bar in your closet and hang them by lightly knotting them. They'll be perfectly displayed and will hang without wrinkles.
  • Keep your down jackets fluffy by hanging them upside down. Place a sneaker in your washing machine with down jackets to keep the down from getting compressed.
  • Clean your leather jackets, and hang them on padded hangers to keep their shape; don't cover them with plastic so they can breathe.

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