Closet Shelving Can Make All the Difference

Closet Shelving Can Make All the Difference


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Closet shelving can help you make the most of your closet space by keeping everything easily visible and accessible. There are many ways that you can use shelving in your closet, and you may be wondering how you can best organize your things. To create the closet storage space of your dreams, check out these tips.

  • Make a Plan – Before you start organizing, pull everything out of the closet and decide what you want to keep. In most cases, there are probably a lot of things that can be donated or thrown out.
  • Put Your Most-Used Items at Eye Level – When developing your closet shelving strategy, you should use the shelves that are the most easily accessible to store your most used items. Things stored too high or too low are harder to find, and you may become frustrated by having to use a stool or crouch down to find what you’re looking for.
  • Use the Top Shelves for Off-Season or Seldom Used Items – We all have things that we hold onto but seldom use. Putting these items on your high or low closet shelving makes sense and frees up more space for the things you do use often.
  • Integrate Boxes or Bins – Using brightly colored or coordinated baskets, bins, or boxes gives your closet a professional look and makes it much easier to group and organize things together in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Label Everything – You can spend hours organizing things in boxes and bins, but you might completely forget what you put where the next day. It is always a good idea to label everything, so that you know exactly what each basket holds.
  • Take Inspiration From the Grocery Store – If you have ten bottles of shampoo or boxes of crayons, store them so that only one is facing you. That is a great way to take advantage of the depth of your shelves. If you have boxes of photographs, you might want to try the same trick, perhaps putting the oldest ones in the back and the more recent ones in the front.
  • Leave Some Empty Space – A lot of people tend to want to fill every square inch of space in a closet, but when you can’t find what you’re looking for or forget it’s even there because it’s behind something else, it can be frustrating. If you organize things correctly with closet shelving, you should have enough room for all your things without packing them in so tightly that you can’t find anything.

These tips and tricks should give you some ideas to start organizing your closets. Having well-placed and thought out closet shelving really can make all the difference. When your closets are well-organized, you’ll feel productive and it will help alleviate some of the stress that is associated with clutter. To find out what a difference the right shelving can make and to get help creating a beautiful, well organized artisan closet, contact us at Artisan Custom Closets. We can redesign your closets so they are functional and beautiful.


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