Closet Storage Solutions for Your Handbag Collection

Closet Storage Solutions for Your Handbag Collection


Unique Containers for Home Organization Outside the Box

Artisan Custom Closets
Source: Artisan Custom Closets.

Getting organized requires careful planning and the right combination of tools and creativity. When it comes to designing closet storage systems in Atlanta, Artisan Custom Closets recommends that you incorporate the following into your design plans to keep your purses, clutches, and handbags neatly organized:

  • Custom Shelving - Give your Prada and Gucci center stage by placing them on custom shelves or hooks. This will make it easier to see them and match them to whatever ensemble you will be wearing.
  • Clear Containers & Storage Boxes - Using these will help keep dust and dirt from collecting on your bags. Further, if you have windows in your closet, these will help keep them from fading in the sunlight.
  • Dividers - If you choose to use shelving to store your bags, be sure to add some dividers. Dividers will give your closet a crisp and highly organized appearance.
  • Racks - For smaller bags and clutches, consider using storage racks to keep them from getting lost or crushed while they are not being used.
For assistance building your dream closet storage system in the Atlanta area, send us a message, and the team at Artisan Custom Closets will be happy to offer you our services.


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