Closet Trends From Architectural Digest's Closet Finalists

Closet Trends From Architectural Digest's Closet Finalists


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Source: Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest holds a contest every year to see who is leading the way and conjuring up the hottest custom closet trends for everyone else to admire and follow.

From coast to coast, designers and builders compete to see who's the best of the best and this year we're truly impressed with what they have come up with. This year's winning closet was designed by Albert Limshue from Toronto. His design features a closet island and pull-out shelving making the space a truly convenient place to store everything from socks to shoes. It also features comfortable dressing space, mirrored walls, and plenty of strategically directed LED lights that fill every corner of the closet with light. Within the winning design as well as the designs of other finalists, customized storage space was the central theme. Custom-sized accessory organization within islands, custom wall shelving, and custom sized wall-to-ceiling shoe shelving shone bright under the limelight. The goal ultimately being to meet the owner's individual needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible within the available space. Ultimately, what made these designs stand out from one another were the rich wood colors and the materials that were used to create the final ambiance of the closet. From polished-nickel to gold and glass, the most appealing designs looked as if they had been pulled straight from the boutiques of 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive. In fact, these masterfully appointed custom closets look and feel as if they'd be right at home in the world's finest palaces. Artisan Custom Closets would be happy to help you incorporate the latest custom closet trends into your home. Contact us at 770-790-5368 to learn more about our services and to discover how we can help you organize your life.


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