Coming Soon: New Space-Saving Closet Hanger

Coming Soon: New Space-Saving Closet Hanger


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According to a recent article in Closets Daily, a space-saving new hanger is going to hit the market this summer. You may not think hangers take up all that much closet space to begin with, but the way shirts hang down from them does use up quite a bit of room. Enter the new Hold Fast Hanger from Lobsterhawk to solve this problem. According to Closets Daily:

"The Hold Fast Hanger's unique patent pending design requires only one third of the space compared to that of a typical shirt hanger. The hanger maximizes vertical space in a closet. … The Hold Fast hanger actually reduces the volume of space that shirts use in a closet."
Pretty interesting, right? The article also notes that this new hanger helps cut down on shirt wrinkles and comes in handy for packing for a trip. You can find out more on and Are you interested in this space-saving hanger for your closet?


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