Consider the Beauty of a Custom Open Closet Design

Consider the Beauty of a Custom Open Closet Design


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If you love to shop, you're probably always hoping you had more space to store your favorite clothes, shoes and accessories. An open closet design allows you to do just that. It offers plenty of storage space, and better yet, it makes it easy for you to see all of your items without having to dig through piles of clothing. There are many open closet design ideas for the home to sift through.

What is an custom open closet design? Put simply, it is a small room that serves as your storage space. Open closets can come in many sizes, from slightly larger than a standard closet, to the size of a small bedroom. This space lets you separate your items. You can hang your coats on a built-in rack on one wall, stack your shoes on a shelving unit on another wall, and stow your sweaters in baskets in a corner. Of course, the exact elements you include can vary based on your own needs. Artisan Custom Closets is dedicated to helping you explore the various open closet design ideas for the home. We invite you to contact us today to get started on your closet design project.


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