Containing the Hall Closet

Containing the Hall Closet


Tips for Maximizing Small Spaces

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It can be easy to forget about the hall closet when planning to organize the home. While the hall closet is a smaller space than the rest of the closets in the home, it is important to keep it free of clutter to keep the home efficient and organized. Take a peek at a few tips for containing the hall closet:

  • Consider the use: Before getting started on organizing, it is a good idea to understand what your family will be using that particular hall closet for. This will help you keep items that aren't supposed to be there out. Once you have decided on the use, make a list of the items you will place in it in order to maintain organization.
  • Choose a flexible storage system: Chances are you will probably use the hall closet for a different purpose in the future. In order to make sure you can still keep it organized even after you have changed its use, it is important to choose a flexible storage system. Select one with many storage options and is versatile for organization purposes.
  • Update the space: If your hall closet is looking a bit out-of-date, it may be a good idea to give it a quick makeover. Replace old shelves, rods and lights in order to keep the space functional and efficient. This will also help you be able to locate and access items in the closet more easily.
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