Create a Craft Room for Holiday Storage in the Florida Panhandle

Create a Craft Room for Holiday Storage in the Florida Panhandle


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Create a Craft Room for Holiday Storage in the Florida Panhandle
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Spare rooms can all too often become cluttered, unused, and unloved. You might have originally planned to turn your spare room into a work room, craft room, or den. However, busy lives mean that other things just keep taking priority.

But creating a usable, tidy space is easier than you think. By taking ideas from your kitchen and closet, you can create the perfect craft room storage solutions that will give the room a whole new lease on life. The first step is to add glass-fronted cabinets. These allow you to utilize your walls and easily find your craft items and holiday decorations. Using wall cabinets also allows you to put sharp objects out of the reach of children. You can create a similar effect by using deep cubby holes and see-through plastic trays. By creating cubby holes of different heights, you can include containers of different sizes to suit your needs. This is ideal for larger decorations, paint pots, and even craft books. Creating a dedicated area within your craft room for gift wrapping will make your holidays run much smoother. An island work space that incorporates built-in rollers for wrapping paper, tape, and ribbons is the perfect solution. Island stations are ideal because they can be moved around the room and provide additional storage under the counter. An island station can also be used to create a crafting area for kids. It will provide a lot of clear counter space for them to work on while keeping all of their craft items close at hand. If they enjoy making presents and decorations, they will also have enough under-the-counter space to store them until they are ready to be presented. For more information on our superb craft room storage solutions, contact Artisan Custom Closets today.


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