Create Built-In Entertainment Shelves for Football Season

Create Built-In Entertainment Shelves for Football Season


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Create Built-In Entertainment Shelves for Football Season
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

One of the recent trends in home design is the inclusion of built-in storage space for everything from towels to entertainment centers. At Artisan Custom Closets, this trend is our specialty. We don't just design closets, after all. We also design shelving units, cabinets, storage for offices, and more.

With football season coming up, it's the perfect time to think about custom storage systems for your entertainment center. We have built a lot of these in the past, and from what we've seen, they make watching the big game that much more enjoyable. Your entertainment center storage options are endless once you opt for built-in shelves. From the doors to the trim and the hardware, we offer an endless array of customizable options. Cabinet Door Choices

  • Raised Panel Doors: These are a popular choice in traditional homes, and they come with or without glass inserts.
  • Roman Arch Doors: If you like an element of elegance, the arched design in these doors adds it subtly.
  • Italia Edge Door: Excellent for creating a subdued look, these would be nice for an entertainment center in a casual room.
Color Choices
  • Caramel apple is a delightful, light brown tone.
  • Chocolate apple is darker and would be great for a traditional room.
  • Mahogany has a reddish tint that looks good with modern decor.
  • We offer many other colors to match your unique decor.
Hardware Choices Whether you like curved, long handles or round knobs, we have plenty of hardware choices. The variety ranges from sleek and modern to detailed and traditional. If you're thinking about adding a built-in entertainment storage system to your home design, contact Artisan Custom Closets. Let our talented designers create custom storage systems that perfectly complement your home's decor.


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