Create Custom Storage in Your Pantry to House Spices

Create Custom Storage in Your Pantry to House Spices


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Create Custom Storage in Your Pantry to House Spices
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With the holiday season upon us, it is time to think of pantry organizations in Sandestin homes and apartments. You need to be able to quickly get to your spices so you can prepare meals swiftly and efficiently and cater to your guests' needs. Below, we have offered a few storage tips to aid you this holiday season.

Spices last longer stored away from light, heat, and air, so a well-equipped pantry is a great place to store them. If you have a lot of shelving space, consider using clear containers so that you can see your spices. An excellent example of a clear container is a simple mason jar. Mason jars are inexpensive (you might have some in your home already), they're a terrific size for spice storage, and they are easy to clean, stack, and refill. Utilize a Sharpie for labeling, and you're all set. Another option for pantry organizations is to recycle an old printer tray. You can purchase an old printer tray from eBay for cheap (look for one with multiple compartments). Then put your spices in 4-ounce square tins that can be labeled and placed in the tray for easy access. The final option is to utilize the drawers in your custom pantry. These drawers provide ample space that is protected from light, heat, and air. Try using dividers that allow you to store bags in one section of the drawer and bottles in another area. Or try using the tin idea from the above tip. Artisan Custom Closets happily serves Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, providing custom storage solutions, such as inside your pantry. Do you need help with your pantry organization in Sandestin? Contact us so we can help find the perfect solution.


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