Creating Closet Solutions for Builders in Nashville


Why Choose Artisan Custom Closets in Nashville?

Creating Closet Solutions for Builders in Nashville

As a Custom Closet Company, we work with many types of clients:homeowners, decorators, real estate agents and, of course, home builders! Home builders are one of the most important contacts in the closet industry. Home builders generally build either truly custom homes where we meet with their client, design the storage systems together and then install them prior to their moving in; or, the home builder is working on a "spec" (speculative sale) home in which case we work directly with the builder to customize the closet spaces before there is a buyer.

Artisan Custom Closets can do both! Being a "custom closet" company, we are experts at developing customized storage solutions that meet a homeowner's needs. The homeowner can choose their finish color, rod color, decorative hardware, door style, how many drawers they need, lighting and a plethora of other accessories and they get to work with an experienced space planner/closet designer to make it all come together with a WOW factor.

A single closet has so many options; the most common question we are asked is "how much does a custom closet cost?" This is impossible to answer because each decision made in the closet has an effect on the price.Do you want a white closet with shaker drawer faces or do you want a textured material with flat/modern faces? Do you want each cabinet to have lighting? Do you want the closet to be wall based or floor based (we do both!). The options are endless at Artisan and our space planning experts can guide you down the right path to make it happen.

There is also nothing better than installing a custom closet in a spec home. When the buyer shows up, the closet is functional, beautiful and, more importantly, adjustable unlike a standard shelf/rod system or the famous wire shelving that we see in so many homes.

Artisan was fortunate enough to form a relationship in Nashville with home builder Forrest Gray of Smoky Mountain Building ( Gray started Smoky Mountain Building in 2018 because he saw an opportunity to provide personalized, quality customer service in an industry that often falls short in taking care of clients. With over a decade of construction experience, Forrest helps to provide cutting-edge carpentry that creates timeless, classical aesthetics.

Forrest is a perfect match for Artisan Custom Closets as we also pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. Our many reviews show that customer service is not just something we say, it's something we do! Without you, our clients, there would not be an Artisan Custom Closets. We appreciate each and every client that we touch and will continue the high standards that we have set forth for our Company.

Artisan Custom Closets has locations in Nashville, Tennessee (see our new showroom coming soon at 55 Willow Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37210) and near Atlanta, Georgia, at 600 Wylie Road, Marietta, Georgia 30067.

If you have closet and storage needs, please feel free to reach out to us at and find out how we can help you get your own dream closet.


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