Creative Organization Ideas for a Children's Closet

Creative Organization Ideas for a Children's Closet


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Creative Organization Ideas for a Children's Closet
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Between the hordes of toys, clothes, and accessories, it can be hard to keep your child's closet organized. Below, we have outlined some tips that might assist in your custom closet organization in Pensacola, Grayton Beach, Panama City, or any place along the Emerald Coast.

The first tip in organizing your children's closet is to think small. Organize with a series of small drawers, cubbies, and storage bins. This will make it easier to find things and to not fall into the trap of throwing a bunch of items in a big bin. When children are sharing a closet, split things down the middle and remember to label everything.

  • Use a dresser as a closet divider.
  • Put a color label on dresser drawers to indicate the specific child.
  • Consider putting double clothing rods on either side of the dresser divider for individualized children items.
Also, it might be beneficial to choose storage that grows with your child. Wire closet organizers are components that can be re-positioned and arranged to accommodate bigger clothing and types of accessories. Many wire organizers come with special pieces like shoe shelves and hanging baskets that you can later add in to accommodate your child's growing wardrobe. Artisan Custom Closets can help with your custom closet organization. Contact us for a specialized design consultation for your child's closet in Pensacola, Watercolor, Perdido Key, and any home in the Florida Panhandle.


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