Custom Closets for Kids

Custom Closets for Kids


Getting to Know Artisan Custom Closets

Image: Artisan Custom Closets
Expertly designed and crafted kids' closets from Artisan Custom Closets are available to meet your child's storage needs. Children have different closet storage needs than adults, due to the child's smaller size, and the shorter length of children's clothing. Custom closets for children can be designed with these elements in mind:

  • Spacious and Roomy Closets: Closets for children require lots of space for toys, sporting equipment and stuffed animals, not to mention clothes!
  • Lower Shelving and Cubby Holes: Shelving, cubby holes and hanging rods in a child's closet should be lower than normal since children are shorter, and these can be adjustable for when the child gets older.
  • Durable Materials: Kids' closet materials should be colorful and durable, able to withstand the active or creative child practicing penmanship or climbing on shelves. At Artisan Custom Closets in Georgia, we specialize in designing, building and installing custom closets, including those for kids! Our adjustable kids' closets are made of durable melamine and come in different color options. Contact us to find out more.


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