Custom Features Every Masculine Closet Needs

Custom Features Every Masculine Closet Needs


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Custom Features Every Masculine Closet Needs
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

A man needs a manly closet where he can hang everything from his tie collection to his favorite suit. Inside a masculine closet, keep the suit rack and make some room for custom storage solutions designed to hold everything from his watches to his favorite shoes.

The following are custom storage solutions we highly recommend to our clients for all of their masculine clothing and accessories. The incorporation of some or all of these tips will go a long way toward tidying your closet space up:

  • Valet Rod: These are ideal for planning out a weekly wardrobe. A valet rod easily folds out from the wall, and you can plan out weekday apparel and have it ready to go at a moment's notice, thus reducing prep time in the morning.
  • Belt Racks: Most men prefer to hang their belts rather than roll them up and place them in a drawer. In fact, hanging helps them keep their shape and prolongs their longevity.
  • Tie Storage: As with belts, most men prefer to hang their ties rather than roll them. This is especially true regarding silk ties that crumple and wrinkle easily. Our space planning experts will help you create a space to hang your ties and display your beautiful collection.
  • Pant Racks: These make storing pants a snap. And unlike folding them and storing them in a drawer, hanging your pants keeps the creases crisp and neat so they are ready to put on without taking them to the ironing board first. Plus, you can double up your pant racks one on top of the other to maximize your use of space. Searching for more custom storage solutions? Contact our expert space planners in Atlanta, and we will be delighted to help you design and build closets for every member of your family.


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