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Custom Features Every Men’s Walk-in Closet Needs


Two-Story Walk-In Closets: Luxury, Functionality, and Design Inspiration

Gone are the days when spacious and well-organized closets were exclusively for women. More men are finding a love for fashion and accessories. Therefore, it's crucial to have a custom men's wardrobe closet to meet all of their needs. Several features are essential for crafting a beautiful, functional men's wardrobe closet.

Custom Features Every Men's Walk-in Closet Needs

Dark Woods and Mirrored Doors

Designing the perfect mens walk in closet begins with choosing the right materials to set the tone and make a great impression. Incorporating dark wood and mirrored doors are two elements that can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of the closet.

Dark woods convey polish and sophistication, setting a more masculine tone. Choosing colors like sleek black finishes or rich mahogany tones can help to create a sense of timeless elegance. These deep hues provide a perfectly bold backdrop for the wardrobe essentials.

Mirrored doors add a touch of glamour while being functional and practical. They reflect light, ensuring the closet feels more spacious and well-lit, simplifying the outfit selection process. Moreover, a full-length door mirror enables checking out outfits from head to toe without obstructions.

The combination of dark wood and mirrored doors creates a visually striking contrast, adding depth and dimension to your men's wardrobe closet.

Storage for Suits and Dress Shirts

Adequate storage for suits and dress shirts is essential for any professional male's closet space. These garments often require special care to maintain. Thus, having them safely stored yet readily accessible is crucial.

A dedicated space for hanging suits is a top feature to include. Use adjustable rods for easy customization or a built-in wardrobe to keep things organized.

For dress shirts, drawers or shelves with compartments and dividers can help organize them by colors, styles, or other preferences.

Comfortable and Reliable Accessory Storage

Storage for accessories like cufflinks, watches, and belts is a must-have in a men's wardrobe closet. A display case for your watch collection can add a touch of elegance. A designated spot for these items helps keep them organized and protected.

Including a tie rack or hanger ensures all ties remain neatly hung, making it easier to select the right one to match your outfit. This type of storage also helps prevent wrinkles, keeping your ties straight and orderly when not in use. Belt storage is essential, enabling easy browsing through colors and styles to pick the desired belt.

Shelving for shoes and baseball caps lets you stylishly stow these items while showcasing your prized collections. Use covered storage shelves to protect hats from dust and dirt without obscuring the view.

Let Our Experts Help

Designing the perfect men's wardrobe closet requires a balance of functionality and aesthetics. Selecting materials that complement the closet design and your personality helps create a space you'll love and appreciate.

If you are interested in exploring different mens closet ideas or having professional help with your design and installation, contact our team at Artisan Custom Closets for a free consultation. Our team will be able to go over all of the different color and style options and select the storage solutions that will work best to meet your specific needs.


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