Cutting the Clutter in the Hobby Room

Cutting the Clutter in the Hobby Room


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Part of maximizing your hobby room's potential is keeping it organized and free of clutter. However, we understand that when working on multiple projects in the area it can be easy to for the clutter to begin to build up. We have put together a few tips for clearing the clutter in your hobby room, take a look:

  • Open up plenty of desk space: Having enough space to spread out and place different tools and materials is important in the hobby room. Start by opening up as much desk space as you can in order to work comfortably in the area.
  • Consider custom built-ins: Being able to give every item in the hobby room a home is also important when de-cluttering the hobby room. Use custom built-ins in the space to maximize the storage space as well as give you a space to place every item and tool you need.
  • Use labels: Knowing where each tool or material is can also be very helpful when organizing the hobby room. Use baskets and labels in your hobby room to make finding a certain item much easier and quicker. Be sure to put the items you use the most in the most accessible places as well.
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