Declutter Your Closet with Tips from HGTV

Declutter Your Closet with Tips from HGTV


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When your closet gets to the point that you cannot stand in it, cannot take anything out of it, or put anything back in, you know it is time to declutter. Hopefully your closet hasn't gotten to that point yet, but it may happen soon!

Here are two helpful tips for decluttering. First, take everything out of your closet when you get started, and sort into "keep," "throw away," and "give away" piles; then neatly place the keepers back into your closet in an organized manner. The second tip is to face reality and admit that you do not wear a bunch of those clothes hanging in your closet. Give everything a hard look, and remove items that don't fit today; that you haven't worn for over a year; and those that aren't your color or are worn, stained or in need of major repairs. Read this informative article for additional tips on how to declutter your closet. Author Liz Gray has the following comment about scheduling your closet cleaning work,

"Can't face a weekend devoted to decluttering the closet? Schedule blocks of time, like 30 or 60 minutes, to devote solely to clutter-busting. Crank up your favorite tunes and set a timer. Do it once a week and watch your closet transform."

One of the best tips is: Decide which group of items is creating the most clutter, and endeavor to solve that problem first. For example, are you feeling rushed each morning? Dividing shirts, coats, dresses, and slacks into separate sections will bring organization and save time. Are you looking for custom organizers? Call Artisan Custom Closets at 888-436-2019 for more information about custom closet organizational solutions. Visit the Artisan Custom Closets website to learn about the range of custom closet organizers and components available to you as you follow the HGTV tips to declutter your closet. Artisan Custom Closets serves the Dallas, Marietta, and Atlanta, Georgia areas from our 210 Commerce Drive, Dallas, Georgia, facility.


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