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Closet Designer. Relationship Builder.

Design Consultant Spotlight - Andrea

Andrea actually started her professional life in IT, but found that she wanted more interaction with people. As a Senior Design Consultant for Artisan Custom Closets, she gets plenty, which is why she loves her job so much.

People buy from people.

As a Design Consultant, Andrea is a sales rep and designer rolled into one. But she doesn't think of herself as salesy. "I'm not hard sell or pushy", she says, "I'm a relationship person". Which is probably why she has so many happy clients. "People buy from people they like", she says. She sees the process as a relationship that she helps to build, involving real communication and listening. So, if she senses a little tension, she cracks a joke to lighten the mood. She makes it all as enjoyable as possible."Some of my clients have even become my friends", she says.

Beyond a great price.

Andrea says that she can offer what other brands do at a great value, but with the added benefits of being locally made and offering even more stability. "You can pay 15 to 20% more for a big name", she says, but customers won't get more. In fact, other systems can be less stable. Whereas other companies only incorporate a cleat system when they think they need added stability, like in a garage, "we use a cleat system for everything", she says.

Using her math brain.

Having come from an IT background, Andrea loves math, so meeting unique challenges is right in her wheelhouse. She's had to design "an attic space with these crazy slanted walls" and "a laundry room that also held a ladder and a set of golf clubs." Of course, it all turned out great. Andrea measures and counts everything that hangs and can easily estimate the space needed for everything else. She takes the client's family life and decor into consideration, as well. Toy boxes are designed with rounded edges in case kids run into them. Designs and colors for a master closet often complement the master bath.

"I'm literally sitting on the floor of my new closet. I'm not leaving."

Of course, the results can be almost overwhelming for people. Clients often invite her back to celebrate with a glass of wine and can't believe the difference in their new space. One client phoned her, saying she was sitting on the floor of her new closet and was not leaving, then asked her over for a glass of Chardonnay. That's the kind of response you get from building a relationship.

If you've got a space challenge in your home, turn to the expert design consultants at Artisan Custom Closets to solve it quickly and professionally.


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