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Determining the Right Size for Your Walk-In Closet: A Guide to Space Requirements


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Designing a walk-in closet is a very big deal. You can finally create the perfect space to store all your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Although you know you want shelving, storage drawers, hanging bars, and various other components inside of your closet, there is one pressing question you may be unsure of how to answer: what size will the closet be? You should consider a few things when determining the right walk in closet size for your home.

Determining the Right Size for Your Walk-In Closet: A Guide to Space Requirements

Average Walk In Closet Size

Knowing how big is a walk in closet can help you better determine the right amount of space that will work for your specific needs. In most cases, experts recommend a minimum of at least five feet deep and eight feet wide to ensure your closet space is functional. This space allows you to hang your clothes and shelving units and incorporate additional features such as seating or an island.

If you have additional square footage to work with, consider expanding the dimensions of your walk-in closet to create a more luxurious experience. A much wider layout allows double-hanging rods or even extra storage shelves. Increasing the depth of your closet can provide room for larger items, such as dressers or even full shoe racks.

Customization Options for Your Closet Space

When designing the perfect walk-in closet space, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every space requires true customization to maximize your closet's potential.

One option to consider is adding adjustable shelving. This system allows you to customize the placement and height of each shelf based on your specific needs. Whether you have a shoe collection needing space, a desire to display folded clothing, or secure shelf storage for your accessories, this could be the perfect solution.

If you are limited on floor space but have high ceilings, consider adding rods or hooks to the wall to hang scarves, purses, or belts. This enables you to use unused wall areas to keep items within reach. You can also use angled shelves or pull-out racks designed for corners to ensure no wasted space.

Moreover, remember that lighting will be critical in any walk-in closet design. Installing duck lights or under-shelf lighting can help improve visibility when selecting outfits and finding the perfect accessories.

Optimizing Your Layout

You can use several strategies to optimize the layout for your walk-in closet to make the most of your space.

One of the most important strategies is to utilize the vertical space available. Don't hesitate to install cubbies or shelving above the hanging rods to store handbags and folded clothing. Hooks and racks on the walls can also be beneficial.

Adjustable shelving ensures you have the right space to store your clothing, allowing easy accommodation for various-sized items and changing configurations as needed. Consider pull-out features like drawers and baskets instead of traditional shelving, as they allow much easier access and prevent smaller items from getting lost in the back of your closet.

If you are unsure of the walk in closet size that will work best for you, contact our Artisan Custom Closets professionals. Our team will be able to meet with you and help assess your needs to determine the most appropriate size to go with to ensure you can get the storage space you need. Contact our team now to schedule an estimate.


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