Does Your Closet Smell Musty? 5 Tips To Keeping Your Closet Smelling Fresh!

Does Your Closet Smell Musty? 5 Tips To Keeping Your Closet Smelling Fresh!


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Oh, dear. Have you opened your closet only to be greeted by a musty smell? Don't panic! There are several strategies you can use to eliminate that musty closet smell!

Does Your Closet Smell Musty? 5 Tips To Keeping Your Closet Smelling Fresh!

Tip 1: Start Over (Grab That Cleaning Brush!)

Sometimes, returning to the basics is the perfect solution to solve the problem. To how to getting rid of that musty smell in your closet spaces, be as simple as completely emptying the closet of all its contents and giving the inside a thorough scrub.

Once you have finished cleaning, allow the closet to air-dry for a few days. This will help eliminate any remaining moisture. Also, don't forget to wash clothes in the closet to ensure the musty smell doesn't linger in their fabrics. You don't want to smell like mothballs at work!

Once the closet is dry and free of the musty smell, it's safe to return your wardrobe, shoes, and other items back into the closet. Now is a great time to efficiently organize your closet.

Tip 2: Invest in a Closet Dehumidifier

Do you need to bring out heavy-duty solutions for a musty closet, no matter how often you have scrubbed it with your best cleaner? Or perhaps you live in a very humid area that quickly causes a closet to become musty after each spring cleaning effort. In this situation, get a high-quality closet dehumidifier and witness the magic unfold.

These small devices work by absorbing the moisture in the closet, thus preventing the interior from developing that musty smell! The good news is that they are highly portable, operate quickly, and some don't even require batteries. You can purchase closet dehumidifiers that contain water-absorbing materials such as gels or salts to reduce moisture. After some time, you simply need to replace the salt or gel.

Tip 3: Use Herbs and Sprays

There's much to be said about the benefits of scented herbs and sprays for freshening your musty closet. For example, hanging bouquets or satchels of lavender inside the closet can infuse the interior with a strong yet pleasant aroma. Another effective option is crushed potpourri. This is an odor-eliminating hack that has been around for centuries!

Two other options are perfume and vinegar. Now and then, spritz some of your favorite perfume in the closet to create a beautiful scent. If you need a stronger solution, mix one-part vinegar with four parts water and spray the closet's interior. Vinegar is a powerful odor eliminator!

Tip 4: Use Coffee Grounds and Chalk

This may sound strange, but coffee grounds and chalk are highly absorbent materials for combating unpleasant odors. You can simply use the coffee grounds as they are. Place the bowls in the corners of the closet base or on one of the shelves.

The chalk doesn't have to be anything special, either. It's the type of chalk kids use to write on black or greenboards. Place a few sticks inside the closet to help absorb the musty smell. You can grind a handful of chalk and place the powder in a bowl inside the closet.

Tip 5: Renovate or Replace the Closet

Alas, sometimes, the musty odor prevails. You have tried everything and extensively researched how to keep closet smelling fresh, but the musty odor lingers.

In such a scenario, the best action may be to renovate closets with less damage and replace structures beyond repair. If the latter is the case, don't feel too disheartened. See it as an opportunity to finally install the master closet you have always wanted. It's also a surefire way to finally eliminate that musty odor.

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