Dress Comfortably: Custom Closet Seating Options

Dress Comfortably: Custom Closet Seating Options


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Dress Comfortably Custom Closet Seating Options
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Dressing comfortably is not just about choosing clothes that feel nice on your body. It's also about being comfortable while you are getting dressed.

By choosing the right closet seating option for your custom space, you have a comfortable place to sit while you try on different shoes and outfits.

Built-in Seating If your closet is large enough to have an island in the middle, built-in seating is a lovely option. You can include a padded seating area on a low island, and you can also add more storage to your space by having drawers and shelves beneath the seat. Not all built-in seats have to be in the middle of the closet either. Placing a bench beneath the window or between two sets of cabinets also creates an attractive and comfortable place to rest while you dress.

Bench-Style Seating For couples' closets or those with spacial arrangements that don't quite lend themselves to built-in benches, you can integrate a free-standing bench into the design. The benefit of a freestanding bench is that you can move it where you need it. Look for one with ample padding to keep you comfortable and in a style that coordinates with the rest of your closet's decor.

A Simple Closet Chair Sometimes all you need is a single chair in the closet. This works well for smaller designs. You won't believe the funky chair designs out there and how fun they can make your space. Seats that are shaped like high heels or covered in loud fabrics provide more than a place to sit; they also add a surprising element to your closet. If you're looking for a custom closet design with seating, contact Artisan Custom Closets in Atlanta to discuss your needs today.


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