Enjoy Doing the Laundry in an Organized Space

Enjoy Doing the Laundry in an Organized Space


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The words "enjoy" and "doing the laundry" aren't often seen together in the same sentence, but we know how to make washing and drying your clothes a much more pleasant experience: do the laundry in an organized space complete with a custom storage system. Of course, our custom solutions are designed to meet the personal needs of each client, but we thought we'd share a couple of our laundry room designs to give you inspiration for your own dream laundry room. This laundry area has plenty of space to stash away detergent, fabric softener and stain remover, not to mention a paper towel rack and a countertop perfect for folding newly dry clothes.

This sophisticated laundry room provides storage galore complete with stylish cabinetry. If you want to enjoy doing your laundry, a custom storage solution will have you well on your way. Artisan Custom Closets can help you make the most of the laundry area in your Atlanta home.


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