Equip Your Custom Closet with the Right Type of Hangers

Equip Your Custom Closet with the Right Type of Hangers


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Equip Your Custom Closet with the Right Type of Hangers
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Perhaps you've just redone your closet and you're excited to reorganize your clothing, or you simply need to purchase new hangers.

Regardless, when it comes to closet storage and organization, the type of hangers you use does make a difference. Make note of the following tips on how to choose the perfect hangers.

  • Tubular hangers are perfect for your lighter weight clothing. Use this type of hanger for T-shirts, blouses, polo shirts, and dress shirts. Look to see how many grams of plastic are in these type of hangers prior to purchasing them. A lot of them come constructed with 34 grams of plastic, but The Container Store has higher quality ones constructed with 52 grams of plastic, which will last longer.
  • Suit hangers are thick, curved hangers excellent for suit jackets, sweaters, and evening wear. The curves help hold the form of the clothing and can offer extra support for your clothing.
  • Cedar hangers are ideal if you have a problem with moths or moisture. Cedar is a natural insect repellent, and it also absorbs moisture.
  • Metal hangers look nice and come in a variety of colors. They are also strong and durable.
  • Oversize hangers are 19-inch in width while standard hangers are 17 inches to 18 inches wide. The oversize hangers are terrific for hanging plus-size clothing.
  • Cuff hangers are ideal for hanging pants and skirts. Hang skirts from the waist or pants from the cuffs, and avoid having wrinkles.
  • Use children's hangers for children's clothing. Using standard-size hangers can stretch out your little one's clothing.
  • Tiered hangers are great for closets with little space. Utilizing these type of hangers can maximize your space.
For more tips on closet storage and organization or for a free design consultation for a high-quality custom closet for your Emerald Coast home, contact Artisan Custom Closets at 877-566-7773.


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