Folding Clothes in Your Custom Closet Like the Pros

Folding Clothes in Your Custom Closet Like the Pros


3 Ways to Organize the Dresser Drawers of Your Custom Closet

Are you struggling with cluttered closets and wrinkled clothes? Artisan Custom Closets offers expert advice on how to fold clothes effectively, organize folded clothes in the closet, and fold clothes without wrinkles. Using our step-by-step guide, you can learn to master the art of folding like a pro and keep your wardrobe in pristine condition.

Master the Art of Folding Clothes in Your Custom Closet Like the Pros

Why is Proper Folding Important for Your Custom Closet?

Proper folding techniques maximize your closet space and help maintain your clothes in good condition. Artisan Custom Closets designs solutions that complement effective folding methods, ensuring that each item is visible and accessible.

How to Fold Clothes Without Wrinkles?

Folding clothes without causing wrinkles is an essential skill that enhances the longevity and appearance of your wardrobe. Here's a simple guide to keep your clothes looking their best:

  1. Prepare Your Folding Area: Use a clean, flat surface like a bed or a table.
  2. Lay the Garment Flat: Shake out the garment to minimize existing wrinkles and lay it down smoothly.
  3. Fold Sleeves and Edges: For shirts, fold the sleeves inward so they lay flat, aligning the cuffs with the hem.
  4. Smooth as You Go: Gently press down with your hands to smooth out any creases during each fold.
  5. Vertical Folds for Tops: Fold the bottom hem up to the collar, then fold horizontally to fit your storage space. For sweaters, one horizontal fold might be enough.
  6. Horizontal Folds for Pants and Skirts: ◦ Fold pants in half lengthwise and then from the bottom up. ◦ Fold skirts based on length, using similar folds.
  7. Rolling Knits and Delicates: For materials like knits or silk, roll them from one end to the other to avoid creases.
  8. Store Vertically: Place folded clothes vertically in drawers for easy access and visibility.

By incorporating these steps into your routine, you can ensure your clothes remain free from unsightly wrinkles.

How to Organize Folded Clothes in Closet?

Organizing your folded clothes effectively can transform the look and functionality of your closet. Artisan Custom Closets recommends these strategies:

Use clear dividers: Installing clear dividers in your drawers or shelves helps maintain neatly stacked piles of folded clothes, preventing them from toppling over and creating a mess in your closet.

Categorize by type and color: By arranging your clothes by type, such as shirts, pants, and dresses, and then sorting them by color within these categories, you can streamline your dressing routine and make it quicker and more efficient to find what you're looking for.

Place frequently used items at the front: Keep your go-to pieces within easy reach by positioning them at the front of your closet or drawer, ensuring you can access them without disrupting the rest of your neatly organized wardrobe.

These organization tips, coupled with a custom closet design from Artisan Custom Closets, ensure your space is both beautiful and practical.

Tips for Folding Different Types of Clothes

Different garments require different folding techniques to best use closet space and reduce wrinkles. Here's how to handle various types of clothing:

  • Jeans and pants: Start by laying your jeans or pants flat on a surface. Fold them in half from the legs up to ensure the seams align, then fold them into thirds to fit compactly in your closet or drawer, optimizing your storage space.
  • T-shirts: Place your T-shirt face down on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves back to align with the edges, fold the shirt in half vertically to reduce its width, and then fold horizontally to create a compact square that stacks neatly with minimal creasing.
  • Dresses and skirts: For dresses and skirts, the approach depends on the fabric type. For sturdier materials, hang them to maintain shape and prevent creases. For more flexible fabrics, fold them in half and then gently roll them from top to bottom to form a smooth roll that minimizes creases and fits easily into smaller spaces.

Implementing these methods will help maintain the structure and integrity of each piece.

Upgrade Your Closet with Artisan Custom Closets

Ready to revamp your wardrobe space? Visit Artisan Custom Closets and explore our range of custom closet solutions designed to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free. With expertly designed spaces, folding and storing your garments becomes a breeze.

With these folding techniques and a tailored closet design from Artisan Custom Closets, you can enjoy a more organized and functional wardrobe. Embrace the neat, professional look of well-folded clothes and make the most out of your custom closet today!


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