Foods That Belong In Your Custom Pantry

Foods That Belong In Your Custom Pantry


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A well-stocked pantry is the hallmark of an organized home cook. Whether you're cooking for one person in Atlanta, or a houseful of family generations, these are foods that will always have a dedicated place in your Artisan Closets custom pantry.


These days, home cooks in Atlanta stock a variety of grains that include gluten-free items like quinoa, white and brown rice, millet and buckwheat. Artisan custom pantry solutions can include specific spots where you can store these grains safely until you're ready to use them.

Soup and Stew Bases

Atlanta can get chilly in winter months; that's why Artisan Closets suggests that you store a mix of soup bases that will help you get something steamy and warm on the table in minutes. Be sure to keep several cans of tomato paste on hand for homemade chili, as well as boxes or cans of vegetable broth, chicken broth and beef broth.


Avid home cooks typically have a big collection of spices that defy the tiny shelves often found next to stovetops in Atlanta. Instead, why not let your spice collection grow unfettered with an Artisan custom pantry? You'll have built-in space for jars and cans of spices in every size and shape. With the inspired spices that you can easily store in your custom pantry from Artisan Closets, your home-cooked dishes will take on a rich depth of flavors that will have your family and guests lauding your culinary talents with every taste.

Homemade Canned Goods

Atlanta has a rich tradition of home canning. For decades, home cooks lovingly prepared freshly canned fruits and vegetables such as okra, corn and peaches. When you choose Artisan Closets, you'll have space for all your Mason jars filled with homemade canned goods, ready to prepare a meal with fresh food from your own custom pantry. Every homeowner deserves to have a fully-stocked and well-designed pantry. To see how your kitchen can be improved with custom pantries from Artisan Closets, contact us today.


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