Functional Spaces: Mudrooms and Hobby Rooms

Functional Spaces: Mudrooms and Hobby Rooms


Good Housekeeping Helps You ‘Get Organized for Thanksgiving'

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The Wall Street Journal recently did an article titled "Blueprint for a New American Home," explaining that new homes today are all about practicality and not necessarily for show. This shift toward the highly functional has prompted a number of house layout trends. One such trend is that families are opting for "drop zones," or glorified mudrooms, rather than impressive yet impractical foyers. People realized they need somewhere to put things like book bags, purses, shoes and jackets, and a small coat closet just wasn't cutting it. Lately there's also a need for what some are calling a "lifestyle center," where homework can be completed, bills can be paid, gifts can be wrapped, and so on. This space is one intended for typical tasks people find themselves doing, but that they didn't use to have dedicated space for. At Artisan Custom Closets in Georgia, we completely understand the need for practical, organized spaces. We offer custom storage solutions for mudrooms, hobby rooms and more, so contact us today about making your Atlanta-area home all the more functional.


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