Gaining Control Over the Garage

Gaining Control Over the Garage


Perfect Your Pantry Organization

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The summer season is in full swing and chances are you are using the items in your garage a lot more. In order to make sure you can fully enjoy the season without spending time searching through the space, it is important to make sure your garage is organized and de-cluttered. Check out some tips for organizing the garage this summer:

  • Take everything out first: Before trying to decide how to rearrange the space, it is a good idea to take every item out of the garage first. Once you remove the items, you will have a better idea of the space available and how to utilize it. This also gives you a chance to clean the area before putting the items back.
  • Decide what to keep, what to donate and what to toss: Once you have taken everything out of the garage, take a look at the items. Make decisions on what items you wish to keep as well as items that can either be donated or thrown away. This will help you free up valuable space in the garage.
  • Consider custom built ins: Garage organization is much easier when you use custom built ins by Artisan Custom Closets. Built ins are a great way to give each item in the garage a home as well as create a smooth and streamline look. In addition, custom built ins also help you maintain organization year-round.
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