Getting Organized for 2012: The Garage

Getting Organized for 2012: The Garage


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In light of the New Year, we're doing a series here on the blog offering helpful organizing tips for those of you with the resolution of getting organized in 2012. Today's post focuses on a space many people have trouble keeping in order: the garage. Here are a few of our suggestions for organizing your garage:

Large storage space in a garage with tools
Image: Artisan Custom Closets
  • Use the vertical space. Have a storage system installed that allows you to hang items like bicycles, gardening tools or sports equipment on the walls so they don't just stack up on the floor.
  • Sort all the things you have in the garage, and put like things together. Once they're sorted, stash them in handy cabinetry to keep everything out of sight and looking clutter-free.
  • Have a lot of tools? A workbench could be just what you need as a station to keep tools and work on household projects.
Artisan Custom Closets offers custom garage storage solutions for homeowners in the Atlanta area.


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